311 South roasts delicious specialty coffee with a fully focused, precise roasting profile.  We provide a direct to customer ordering service for large, face to face orders ideal for business needs, wedding favors, or any other large events. Email for pricing and delivery arrangements. (direct online coffee orders are not currently available)

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311 South is about people and coffee.

Intangibles come first.  Design, forgiveness, faith, and obedience are a few of the big ones. God gave us intangibles to live in good relation with Him and with others.  He also gave us that which IS tangible, and we are encouraged to do whatever our hands find to do with all our might. For my wife, our five children and myself at 311 South, this remarkably beautiful truth means that we really, really care about roasting great coffee!

We select specialty rated coffee, which means the crop has scored the highest range of marks on an internationally standardized tasting test.  We use a precise and patient dual-roasting profile in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

This is our journey, and our story. We would love to have you along with us.  We would love to hear your story, too. Order a bag and experience what a lot folks are now talking about.

Brew it, drink it and bring our stories together!


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Send me an email with the phrase "I want coffee" in the subject line, and before you know it, your freshly roasted future will arrive! (ok that was corny, but still..)